Les Figaro de Montmartre are opening a new era in electronic music and they spread their message of humanity through a new sound called Electro Vintage. The strong complicity of Tecla and Figaro comes into its own on stage, around a metal  and dreamlike decor, in the spirit of cabaret, revived by influences trip hop, jungle, breakbeat, drum'n bass...   

Live at Small World Festival

After having done two really good gigs at Small World festival in May, the Figaro de Montmartre are coming back for one of the most amazing festival in uk.Small World festival, Headcorn, Kent, 25th-29th August 2016 www.smallworldsolarstage.org

Live in Bristol

Bristol is a must see for Figaro Montmartre, the city where they begun, and  where they'll give a summer gig with hot good vibes. Rendez vous the 24th June 2016, 8pm, at Chelsea Inn Pub, 60-62 Chelsea Road, BS5 6AU, Bristol



Hello my name is Darren !

Me and my friend Dan we are proud to having set up a gig with Figaro de Montmartre at the Small World Festival, the show was really good and we've got a lot of fun with them, so guys see you soon!



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