The highest vibration into a soap!


Through the combination of gold 24 ct, glycerin, hyaluronic acid and crystal, ESOAP, emotion soap, brings wealth and vitality to your body. 
Gold exerts stimulatory effets of hormones and the health of the skin. Glycerin and hyaluronic acid give softness and shine.

Crystal works as an amplifier. ESOAP gives you true benefits, hiding more than one concept in a single soap.



Esoap- Hidden Eden

Fragrance: Clary sage 

Crystal: Aventurine

Music download: 'An indoor Trip hop Celtic Funk Drum'n Bass grown in the UK'

include Fusion I 4:34/ Hidden Eden 5:52/Fusion II 3:34/ Together as one3:36/Je t'aime mais 3:42

Esoap- The Forgiveness

Fragrance: Lavender

Crystal: Chryscolla

Music download: 'A Trip hop Ambient that making easier the most difficult

thing to do'

include Kiss me Again 2:16 / The forgiveness 3:43

Esoap- Medit'Action

Fragrance: Frankincense

Crystal: Black Tourmaline

Music download: 'A Bossa Dub Chill out positive lullaby for your soul'

include  Ni Ji Sé Sonn 2:47 / Teleport 1:20 / Medit'Action 4:12 / Hommage à Aimé 3:46 / Barre toi 3:30

Medit'Action Chill out 8:11

Esoap - Theremin Noise

Fragrance: Patchouli

Crystal: Jade

Music download: 'A sound space travel controlled without physical contact'

include Free Will 2:26  / Theremin Noise 4:37

Esoap - How to Love

Fragrance: Ginger

Crystal: Blue Apatite

Music download: 'A blend of Trip hop Jungle Rock Bass line. Your neighbours

will love it'

include Be Yourself 4:44/ Do you wanna Bass 4:40/ Do you wanna Know 4:03/ No Global 4:33

Esoap - Good vibes Time

Fragrance: Camomille

Crystal: Clear Quartz

Music download: 'Happy dancing time

all day long'

include  Good Vibes Time: 3:28 / Good Vibes (Hard version): 4:36 Good Vibes (All night long): 6:33/

Good vibes (Original): 3:23

Esoap - Face to Face with Yourself

Fragrance: Ho Wood

Crystal: Pyrite

Music download: 'Each day means once upon a time. Open your heart not only your mind'

include Tout près d'ici (Dub version) 4:36 / Tout près d'ici Feat Mad Professor 4:31 / Face to face (Long version) 6:54 / Face to face (Original):4:08

Esoap - L'Amore è l'Unico Potere

Fragrance: Rose

Crystal:  Green Moss Agate

Music download: 'There's not only the purchasing power in life.

Love is the only Power'

include L'Amore è l'Unico Potere 5:56 / Touche 7:04

Esoap - One light, One law, One love

Fragrance: Hissop

Crystal: Carnelian

Music download: 'An outdoor Celtic Drum'n Bass for your garden party'

include Celtic Dub 6:46 / One Light, One Law,

One Love 8:16

Esoap - Mad Colette

Fragrance: Jasmin

Crystal: Angelite

Music download: 'A Break beat Travel inspired by the finest French cabaret'

include Mad Colette 3:59/ Mad Colette (instrumental) 4:21/ My Own Territory 2:15/ My Own T 4:55

Esoap - Ipo Ipo Ashiato

Fragrance: Eucalyptus

Crystal: Red Jasper

Music download: 'A Break beat Travel inspired by the finest French cabaret'

include Pas à Pas Exotic 3:50/ Ipi Ipo Ashiato 3:49/ Pas à Pas 3:49/ Pas à Pas Natural 3:48

Esoap - Natural

Fragrance:  Bay

Crystal: Tree Agate

Music download: 'Your home will become the Funky Jungle place to be'

include Natural (Long version) 6:26 / Welcome to our World 5:50 / Natural (Original) 3:00
Natural (Jungle version) 4:07




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